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Cleaning company cleaning Group, Ltd. It is the successor of the company Ing. Petr Jancalek | TOP CLASS Service and successfully operating in the market between cleaning services for Prague and its surroundings since 2010. The evidence is that to us recently passed many subjects because they are able to offer quality cleaning services at low prices. See for yourself. Just contact us and I will prepare a free quote on cleaning and other services. Or you can use our online price calculator, which can be found in the upper left corner.

What we do:

-periodic cleaning (residential buildings, offices, restaurants, hotels, homes)

-height work

-one-time cleaning apartments

-secure containers for unsorted waste

-washing windows

-housework (cleaning, washing, ironing, babysitting)

If you want to develop a quote or have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email: or call (+420) 605 827 609

More informations of residential buildings can be found here:
More informations of offices can be found here:

Good luck in choosing quality and affordable cleaning company wishes

Petr Jancalek
-owner of Uklidy Group, s.r.o.

In Prague on 07/09 2010

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