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Contact address:

Uklidy Group, s.r.o.
Hvezdova 1566/21,

Praha 4 Nusle, 140 00

IČ: 247 38 166

DIČ: CZ24738166

Contact person:

Ing. Petr Jancalek
phone.: (+420) 605 827 609


úklidová firma Úklidy Group, s.r.o.

Welcome to cleaning company
Uklidy Group, s.r.o.

providing cleaning services for Prague and surroundings

We are regular cleaning of residential buildings, offices, apartments, restaurants, etc.
           We have concluded liability insurance in the amount of CZK 5 million. We are            at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.    

            We offer:

  • Regular cleaning of public parts and prefabricated apartment buildings, offices, homes, apartments, houses, restaurants, bars and other commercial and non-commercial premises
  • Washing windows, work at heights, one-time cleaning apartments, secure containers for unsorted waste, snow removal
Common standards for regular cleaning work (valid for cleaning public parts of residential buildings):

1 x or 2 x per week: (sweeping and washing steps, landing corridors on all floors of the house including the ground floor, sweeping and dust mopping the floor under the rug, wiping handrails railings and window sills, wash elevator car including cleaning mirrors and all stainless steel parts in a lift, removal of impurities in the grooves of elevator doors, stairs to the basement, rough cleaning around the house to 1 m, cleaning of outdoor stairs, wash-sided glass front door with frame and removing leaflets, removing cobwebs easily available in the house)
1 x monthly:
(remove ads, clean space under the metal mats inside and outside the front door. individually according to the needs at each of the entrances and again in a month of treatment PVC preservative)
2 x a year
: (general cleaning between March and September: sweeping the basement, washing the entire railing vč.výplní, washing hydrants, street lighting outside washing, washing windows, including their frames to a height of 2.5 m depth vysmýčení webs to a height of 3.5 m)

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